Monday, June 19, 2006

It was a fun weekend. I saw Grant's Farm, called 911, and fell down the stairs while holding a mount-over-the range microwave. I grew up in STL and I've never seen Grant's Farm. There were many times that I drove by on the way to the Affton Ice Rink. The place is really pretty neat. You have to take a mandatory ride on the tram through the middle of no where to get to the main show. There you can feed the goats, see the eagles, smell the elephants or be immersed in any other exercise that will stimulate the five senses. There's also the free beer since this whole place has been built on beer money. I tried the new seasonal summer beer, Beach Bum Blonde Ale, and it was 10:30 in the morning. Ugh.

I also called nine-eleven this weekend again. Some guy who has a child who is two to three years old came to Disfunctional Court to get the kid. The woman, who recently held the Baby Daddy and child hostage with a shotgun, tried to keep the man from taking his kid home. Did I mention he has custody? She also apparently drove off at high speeds up the street with him hanging out of the door. He grabbed the kid seat, with kid in it, and rolled out of the car.

She tried to keep him from getting into his car and going home. At one point she grabbed the tot and ran off. That's when the dispatcher ended our call and sent out the calvalry. I do believe, after pleading his case, the Daddy went home with the child. I only hope that kid has a better chance in life. To see your dad and your mom go to the point of hitting each other is something that should not have to be seen by such an impressionable youth. My thoughts have been with that little guy since then.

I also fell down the stairs this weekend. I was carrying the microwave downstairs because it had been in the garage for a while and was starting to accumulate dirt. We need to mount it over the oven, but I lack the skills to do so. While carrying the beast down the stairs I guess I lost my step and ended up bouncing down a few stairs until I hit the bottom. I don't really know what happened during the fall. The only thing I really know for sure is that I landed with my left foot up by my left ear and a big microwave was on top of me. I have a few bruises and it hurt when I initially landed. However, I did manage to keep the microwave off the walls some how. Go me. It wasn't as bad as the time a 23 cubic fot fridge fell on me while I was working in the warehouse at Circut City.

I also talked to the market master at Clayton's Farmer's Market. She had put together a series of cooking demostrations at a local joint, but it seems like they still haven't signed the contract. I really hope they do because SuperWife wants to sign me up for one of the classes and it is world class. Chef Gerard Craft- Niche.

It work related news it looks like I will probably be out of a job within the next two months because all new work is being sent elsewhere. It's been a long time since I've felt the need to join the job hunt. What fun.