Monday, September 11, 2006

I heard something really funny today while on my long trudge to work. A comedian on one of the sirius comedy channels said the following, 'Only in America do we consider the obese to be disabled. If you are missing an arm or a leg, then you are disabled. If you are missing a cheesecake, then you are full!' Heh. I know that isn't politically correct, but the whole missing cheesecake thing really made me laugh. They've been playing a lot of John Pinette too. He is hilarious and one of my favorite comedians.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I avoided the news for the most part today. I don't want to watch it and I don't want to watch some movie that has prompted a whole lot of media coverage. Why would I want to do that? I saw it happen live. I looked up to the sky on the 12th and only saw contrails of our military up there. It was a time of silence.

The morning of September 11th 2001 was a morning like any other. My job was a year and a half past the dreaded Y2K disaster. Things were quite fine. And then it all changed. One of my friends ran over to my desk and told me that a plane had hit the Sears tower. I scoffed because of her source and went to check the news. Nothing worked. The net had simply stopped working. I tried to pull up site after site and then hit bloomberg news which had flames as its video lead in. I thought it was a live cam.

There is a certain comfort in knowing that I didn't see the people jumping to their deaths. I didn't see the first tower collapse. My company wanted us to get back to work like nothing happened. How foolish they were and only recently has that foolishness has come back to bite them in the butt. That's another story though. I'm no longer with the V-Kapow and I'm better for it.

I thought things were going to be locked down and the lessons from my grandparents, who lived through the depression, kicked in and I took out several hundred dollars so I could have liquid cash for a few days at least. That night I watched a video of the second plane that hit the world trade center. I watched it over and over. Each time my eyes blurred with sleeplessness and yet I watched it some more. How could someone do that? I still don't understand.

I heard a clip of Dave Letterman speaking soon after the event and he said he would never understand the religious fervor that caused those people to act that way. I still don't. I have seen beheading videos. Lots of them. I don't look at car wrecks during rush hour, but I could not help but look at those helpless people who died so that a few people could make a statement.

I will never understand how a religion could cause people to hate other people so much.

I promise to return to recipes soon. The new job is taking all of my time and I'm starting at the bottom. There is a great need to make a good impression.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Yes, it has once again been a long time in between posts. I've been busy with the new job at BigGreen, bringing the yard back to life after the summer heat almost killed it off, and spending as much time with the munchkins as I can.

The new job is quite a change from the old place. On my second day I was in a meeting where we were made aware of a problem and the proposed solution. Fine. I immediately went to the code I could access and formulated a plan in around fifteen minutes. When I asked when the fix needed to go in I was told December. Wow. I've been conditioned to answer a problem as fast as possible while at least one person stood over me and screamed. This is a really big change. I'm sure I'll be a better worker for it too.

Because of all the changes around here, I haven't had a chance to do much cooking at all and the items I do make are recycled recipes. Almost nothing new has come out of my kitchen lately. I intend to change that, though, with the latest book I have from the library. The Best Recipes in the World by Mark Bittman is a must read. I saw that without reading anything past the appetizers. The worldly finds are too good to pass up.

BTW, we have a new fence and a new bedroom set. Pics to follow as soon as I can get the digital camera hooked up to the new macbook pro. Can you say debt?