Monday, June 12, 2006

It's been one whale of a week. I worked longer and harder on something than I cared to and made little progress.

We took the Munchkins out for ice cream on Saturday night. We surprised them after dinner with a trip to Fritz's Frozen Custard. The girl working the window misunderstood our order so we ended up with three things of frozen custard. Meaghan tried to eat her whole thing. Boo at hers so fast that she appeared to have headaches several times. Did that stop her? Nope! She carried on like a trooper and licked the spoon clean. That was right before the thunderstorms rolled in.

There's a rule in our neighborhood. It's not really a storm unless our house has damage. Last year we lost a big bradford pear tree and parts of another tree. Let's call that second tree "Lucky". Later that fall we lost parts of the fence, some siding, and all of the kids' toys flew across the yard. My grill took flight and incurred over a hundred dollars in damages. The smoker also flew and while it still works it looks all bent up.

This spring we have again lost sections of the fence and one gate was torn off. On Saturday night we had one bad storm after another pass over the homestead. In the morning I checked to see the damage to the back yard and fence. Nothing was out of place. Hmmm. That's strange. I looked out the window and, sure enough, there was the damage. Lucky took a strike to one of the limbs that had been cut off last August when the bradford pear hit it. The lightning peeled off a section five inches wide by seven feet long. There are now pieces of wood up to fifty feet away. I can only imagine seeing it in action.

That one strike took out the dsl modem, phone, and probably the DVR. I still think the satellite dishes took a hit as well, but I can't get up there to check. Maybe I'll climb up there. I need to get the wood off the roof anyway.

In other news, Boo sang every word to twinkle twinkle little star on Sunday and Meaghan's grammar continues to be better than her dad's.