Friday, June 23, 2006

The crazy things you people search for. I recently checked the site stats to see who has been dropping by my humble abode and how they came about setting foot here. Take, for example the person from Pande India who came here for the sambar recipe. I'm pretty sure there is a closer resource for that person considering the recipe is from that person's country. Gotta love the internet.

The strangest hit I've received in recent memory came from Iran although I can't seem to find it in the logs. That person googled "lips" in the arabic version of google and it hit here. Hopefully that person was looking for the chicken lips recipe and nothing else.

My heart goes out to the person from Atlanta, GA who came here looking for a mostaccioli recipe. GAH! Save yourself from the traditional St. Louis wedding side dish! No proper wedding in St. Louis can be complete without a steam table buffet of a tossed salad, non descript white rolls, green beans with pearl onions and bacon, mostaccioli, carved turkey in juice, and carved roast beast in juice. The only beer served will also be Bud Light and Busch exclusively.

You can always tell a native St. Louisian because they will say musk-a-cholie.