Monday, July 10, 2006

I went from a hero to a pervert in two seconds. The food tour continues. Pirates 2 was a let down. The Carnival or Recipes is here this weekend.

Thursday night I stopped into Victoria's Secret to pick up a couple of things for SuperWife's birthday. I knew the style, shape, color, and so on of what I needed to buy but nothing matched my needs. A sales person came over to offer some assistance, but she was unable to find anything in the either.

When I was checking out the sales person mentioned how nice it was to see a man come in to buy something for a woman because it hardly ever happens. I casually mentioned that it wasn't a big deal for me because I had worked for a different VS store when I was younger. Her look of admiration went to horror in the blink of an eye. It doesn't matter if I only worked there for a few months after my wrist was reconstructed. What could be easier than throwing panties around? The job actually didn't pay well, but it was one of the best jobs I had.

The whirlwind of restaurants continued this weekend. We hit El Maguey on Friday for a quick dinner with the kids. On Saturday we hit Wasabi in Clayton. The food was very good as always and I even went out on a limb and tried the sea urchin. That was the first and last time I'll try that though. Imagine a fishy version of goat cheese. Mmmm.

Last weekend we hit Sidney Street Cafe. The in laws took us, SuperWife's sister and her fiancé, and a former aunt. The steak wasabi was great as always. We've also continue the move to slow food. We hit the farmer's market this weekend- it was the first time in three weeks. My favorite market master, Julie Ridlon, was handing out samples of a yummy peach and tomato salsa, and I was able to quench my foodie thirst.

We also caught Pirates 2 on Saturday night. It was a good swashbuckling comedy, but it didn't really do anything. The end was a mess and it looked like they were just trying to fill time most of the time. That's weird because the movie was over two and a half hours long. How much of a drunken acting Johnny Depp can a person take?

Check back late this weekend for the Carnival of Recipes. I've thrown my hat back into the ring to give something back to all of the wonderful people who contribute to that culinary adventure. If I can only come up with a theme. . .