Friday, July 21, 2006

What's with this crazy weather? Those of you in the STL area know exactly what I am talking about and those of you elsewhere can check drudge or any news source to see that half a million people in the area are without power due to storms that came through a couple of days ago. I joked about the grill taking flight again (this time it hit the air conditioner and bent it up), the fence was blowed away in one section and a few panels in other places, and the tree that was hit by lightning before looks like it was hit again, but I don't recall the crack. We lost power for almost four seconds and then it came back on again.

We are the lucky ones. Most of our utilities are buried deep under ground, so there really isn't much damage when a storm comes through. If we do lose our power, then it is because the bigger grid has gone down. I originally bad mouthed the St. Louis City Mayor, Francis Slay, for engaging in photo ops on any and all available medium. It was only the day after that I realized the power of the storm that ripped through our area. Today another storm hit, but not as bad as the original one. Almost half a million people are again without power tonight. Most have been told that they will get power back my the end of the weekend, but some have been told they won't have service until Thursday of next week. Wow. The ten hours or so we had to spend in the dark seemed like an eternity at the time.

I drove through the dust line twice while running SuperWife's work to her employer. I hit several boxes in mid air on the highway and I even saw part of an Ameren UE property on fire. That was some bad wind. I made it home just before the heavens unleashed their fury on the kids toys and the bbq grill. I might just keep the grill for entertainment. I've never seen a Ducane grill take flight so many times. The thing has been rebuilt many times and it still works. Mother Nature hates it and will take every opportunity to try to destroy it and yet that grill keeps working.

Something tragically humorous happened to me today. At some point I will post about it, but now is not the time. It was the best of times and also the very worst of times today. My newly acknowledged bipolar disorder was kicking in big time today. I can't begin to explain my roller coaster.